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Looking for an amazing Brunch in Suffolk? Look no further than the Unruly Pig in Bromeswell. This 16th Century Inn is located in Bromeswell in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, near Woodbridge. You can sit inside and warm yourself at the log fires or now spring is here and the sun is out perhaps the beautiful terrace is more appealing.

From delicious Oysters Rockefeller to Slutty Eggs and sweet treats like Belgian waffles which Dave and his team make with their own waffle maker! My all time favourite brunch food has to be eggs benedict, either with ham/parma ham or smoked salmon (Eggs Royale). The Unruly Pig has won heaps of awards for its food and Brendan and his team will give you a very warm welcome. Have a look at the brunch menu here to whet your appetite!




Took some pictures of two very interesting ladies in 2015 for the WI Life Magazine. The first article is about a local foraging lady and cheese maker, Vivia Bamford who writes the Sciapod Diary Blog and the second article is of  Stella Rimington, Ex head of MI5 and successful author of spy thriller novels featuring a female heroine called Liz Carlyle. Read her 2015 thriller Close Call in a couple of days -its a great read!

00000_WI Life Vivia 1

00000_WI Life Vivia 2

00000_WI Life Stella

Thank you to lovely Vivia for showing us some fabulous wild foods that we can forage for in the hedgerow, I loved the hedge garlic and the plant that you can burn as incense sticks (if I could only remember it’s name) I should have made notes on the day. Who knew that you can do stuff with hawthorn berries I always just thought they were just looking pretty but are really like little apples. We found some lovely ripe blackberries as well which promptly ended up in my tummy. Also made my first blackberry brandy this year, thank you to my friend Genevra Champion for the recipe!


Hedgerow garlic/mustard garlic

Hedgerow garlic/mustard garlic





20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Foraging Vivia Bamford-02599

Incense plant

Incense plant

Incense plant

Incense plant

Incense plant

Incense plant

20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02589 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02588 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02585 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02580 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02579 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02576 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02575 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02574 20140927_Aldeburgh Food _ Forraging Vivia Bamford-02573

Foraging with Vivia Bamford

Foraging with Vivia Bamford





Had a great day working with Sally and Hannah from the Old Rectory/The Natural Pantry blog not so long ago and would love to share some of the shots with you before I pop them on my website. If you ever find yourself in Suffolk you have to stay here, all the rooms are very stylishly furnished and all different and Sally caters for anyone with a food allergy as well. Its fab!

115_Beetroot soup and chantarelle salad 116_Couscous and kale salads 117_Yellow courgette salad and leeks 118_Fruit and cabbage salad 119_Pesto and flarvoured butter 120_Beetsalat and garlic

I had the pleasure to be able to photograph the new interior of the beautiful 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Hibiscus the other day. It looks lovely with great lighting, beautiful pictures everywhere and light and dark blue tones. Also briefly met the master himself, Claude Bosi, what a great guy! Could not resist having a sneak peak in the kitchen once I was done to see where all the magic happens.

20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08261

20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0770220130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0773220130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0772620130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0766620130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0826720130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0758420130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0831520130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0833820130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0829920130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0830220130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0831420130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0757020130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0754420130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0823920130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0827020130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0824120130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-0837020130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08389 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08391 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08400 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08383 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08381 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08377 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08376 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08373 20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08371

Food Photography, The Old Rectory, The Natural Pantry, Suffolk

Food Photography, The Old Rectory, The Natural Pantry, Suffolk

My friend Sally Ball who runs the Boutique B&B ‘The Old Rectory‘ here in suffolk makes the most delicious meals and also caters for anyone staying over who might have a food allergy or intolerance. Check out some of her lovely recipes here. we took some pictures of her food not so long ago…

170_Apple & blackberry crumble

Food Photography, Apple and Blackberry Crumble


Barley, Cous cous, Quinoa

190_Sugar Biscuits and Baked Raspberry Cheesecake

Sugar Biscuits and Baked Raspberry Cheesecake

200_Christmas Rocky Road _ Roasted Butternutsquash

Christmas Rocky Road and Roasted Butternut squash & Tahini Dressing

210_Detox Soup and Pappardelle

Detox Soup and Pappardelle

220_Lentil Salad and Barley Salad

Lentil & Pepper Salad and Barley & Stilton Salad

230_ Whole mixed colour baby tomatoes

Mixed baby tomatoes

Just updated my website with some new food images….

Very happy girl today, got featured in this months F2 Freelance Photographer Magazine and the mag has just come through the door. 🙂

The lovely Silvia Clausin, chef and very talented owner of the Raw Deli in Guildford was teaching us a lot about raw food  at the Raw Food Workshop on Sunday. The setting was the beautiful farm of Merryn and Dean in Polstead complete with chickens, geese and sheep and huge veggie plot (am so jealous). Very relaxed place and ideal venue for the workshop. It was a pleasure to attend and to meet so many other fab ladies who are also interested in raw food. Have picked up lots of tips and tricks and am planning on making that apply curry salad dressing tonight – yummy! Here are a couple of pics from the day … Enjoy!

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Got one of my pics published in the independent today as part of the restaurant review for the british larder which is a fantastic new restaurant in bromeswell near Woodbridge.

Check out the review online by clicking this link.

British Larder, Bromeswell by Claudia Gannon