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Some of my shots of Brendan from the Unruly Pig in Bromeswell in the Morning Advertiser the other day.

Had the pleasure of working with Brendan and Dave from The Unruly Pig again. It’s always great fun to work with these guys and I absolutely adore the food! This was just before the nomination came in for the category of ‘Best for Wine’ in the Great British Pub Awards 2019. Everyone was very excited to be nominated and I am pleased to say that they won! Well done you guys! Very well deserved! The restaurant has won a bunch of awards so far, also this year Dave the head chef won the ‘ Best Pub restaurant Chef award – which is fantastic! 

We thought this time we’d do a fun shot of Dave and as the name of the restaurant lends itself to something a bit quirky we thought we might involve a pigs head. Also some front of house shots, a portrait of a reluctant Brendan and some food shots to complete the day.

Looking for an amazing Brunch in Suffolk? Look no further than the Unruly Pig in Bromeswell. This 16th Century Inn is located in Bromeswell in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, near Woodbridge. You can sit inside and warm yourself at the log fires or now spring is here and the sun is out perhaps the beautiful terrace is more appealing.

From delicious Oysters Rockefeller to Slutty Eggs and sweet treats like Belgian waffles which Dave and his team make with their own waffle maker! My all time favourite brunch food has to be eggs benedict, either with ham/parma ham or smoked salmon (Eggs Royale). The Unruly Pig has won heaps of awards for its food and Brendan and his team will give you a very warm welcome. Have a look at the brunch menu here to whet your appetite!



I had the pleasure to be able to photograph the new interior of the beautiful 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Hibiscus the other day. It looks lovely with great lighting, beautiful pictures everywhere and light and dark blue tones. Also briefly met the master himself, Claude Bosi, what a great guy! Could not resist having a sneak peak in the kitchen once I was done to see where all the magic happens.

20130122_Oakfield Capital_Hibiscus-08261

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