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Got the chance to work with my favourite Pilates teacher Tina again to shoot her Vitality Mama post-natal recovery class. It’s a fab class if you have just given birth and feel like you need help with little niggles like back pain from nursing, bending over nappy changing and carrying round your little bundle of joy. It’s also great if you have given birth a little while ago but want to get back into exercise. 6 weeks to a stronger mama healed from childbirth inside out! Here is a video of Tina explaining a bit more about the course:

Here is what Tina says about her Vitality Mama course:

Attending a  Vitality Mama postnatal recovery class is a fun, social and motivating way of starting exercise after child birth. Meet other mums and get tailored advice on returning to your pre-pregnancy shape safely and effectively. I love working with women at this wonderful time and am committed and passionate about giving you the tools for a healthy mumhood. I have experience in supporting new mums with a range of postnatal conditions including sacro-iliac problems, Pelvic Girdle Pain, pelvic organ prolapse or weakness, general back pain and diastasis recti.

Our classes are for mums and babies, however the focus is on you! Pilates is very beneficial at this time as it is all about bringing it back together, pulling it back in. Enjoy regaining stability and strength, increase energy levels and learn techniques to support your posture and every day activities with your baby.

6 week course where we’ll work from the inside out activating your core and pelvic floor to restore function and strength using breath, movement and resistance bands and other small equipment. On top of that you’ll get:

  • 2 x weekly busy mummy homework workout videos
  • a dedicated, private WhatsApp group, where you’ll be able to ask questions, encourage each other throughout and build up a great community spirit.
  • a weekly nutrition challenge, designed to help you make small, but manageable changes to the way you eat in order to help you reach your postnatal goals.
  • New, healthy recipes for you to try out each week.
  • A voucher for a half price postnatal massage

Back in June I had to chance to attend my first ‘Do Good Networking‘ event. They offer a really different approach to networking, where you actively do some good for a couple of hours, like a beach clean or tidying up the community garden of a charity, really hands on. Rather than standing about drinking tea and coffee and swapping business cards (nothing against normal networking which is also enjoyable). It’s great fun and you really do get a chance to get mucky. We were working in the garden of local homeless charity Emmaus Suffolk. Helping to tidy the garden up, which had been pretty overgrown with weeds etc. Overseeing the work was Joe from Urban Growth Enterprise CIC.

Felt great after a morning of garden to see the final space look like new. We also managed to give the fence a lick of paint to refresh it. Everyone was mucking in and it felt like you were really doing something positive. It definitely gave you that warm glow inside. The weather was glorious too and the local bakery donated some yummy goodies for us to munch while we had a tea break. Look forward to the next one!

Was in Brightlingsea taking some portrait photo’s the other day and thought I’d go down to the beach and have a look around. Sun was hiding and it just started raining, but thanks to trusty ND filter managed to got a moody shot despite the rain…!



So, finally got round to looking through all the images I took a couple of weeks ago, of the Willis Building in Ipswich. It was the 40th/Ruby Anniversary of it being built by Sir Norman Foster in 1975. It’s an amazing building and looks still as modern today as I imagine it looked when it was first built. It had been announced on the radio that is was to be lit up ruby red so there were quite a few of us photographers out with tripods and remote controls trying to capture it all.

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02440

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02444

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02446

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02447

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02448

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02460

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02464

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02466

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02469

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02470

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02473

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02481

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02484

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02486

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02495

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02497

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02500

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02511

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02514

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02517

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02520

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-05793

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-05796

Did a lovely walk on Sunday in Woodbridge, local Southwold brewery @Adnams has a great list of local circular walks starting/ending at their pubs and we have done a few so far this year. Really loved this one as we timed it just right for the sun to set and I got some lovely shots of the River Deben which snakes its way along the right of the town. You walk past the Tide Mill and some shipwrecks and old warehouses. There are also some boatyards down there too which always make for interesting shots.

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05576

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05581

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05586

Boats, Botyard, Copyright Claudia Gannon 2015, East anglia, Estuary, Event Photography, Food Photography, Ipswich, London, Portrait Photography East Anglia, River Deben, Shipwrecks, Suffolk, Sunset, Tide Mill, Woodbrigde

Boats, Botyard, Copyright Claudia Gannon 2015, East anglia, Estuary, Event Photography, Food Photography, Ipswich, London, Portrait Photography East Anglia, River Deben, Shipwrecks, Suffolk, Sunset, Tide Mill, Woodbrigde

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05592

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05605

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05613

Boats, Botyard, Copyright Claudia Gannon 2015, East anglia, Estuary, Event Photography, Food Photography, Ipswich, London, Portrait Photography East Anglia, River Deben, Shipwrecks,

Boats, Botyard, Copyright Claudia Gannon 2015, East anglia, Estuary, Event Photography, Food Photography, Ipswich, London, Portrait Photography East Anglia, River Deben, Shipwrecks,

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05627
20150208_Woodbridge walk-05635

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05636

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05651

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05669

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05674

20150208_Woodbridge walk-05681


I do some photography for lovely Jane who creates the most amazing personalised gifts, towel, bathrobes, hooded baby towels, flannels etc for her customers, by hand right here in the UK. She got an article published in Hello! magazine the other week which used one of my photos!

Very exciting!


Food Photography, The Old Rectory, The Natural Pantry, Suffolk

Food Photography, The Old Rectory, The Natural Pantry, Suffolk

My friend Sally Ball who runs the Boutique B&B ‘The Old Rectory‘ here in suffolk makes the most delicious meals and also caters for anyone staying over who might have a food allergy or intolerance. Check out some of her lovely recipes here. we took some pictures of her food not so long ago…

170_Apple & blackberry crumble

Food Photography, Apple and Blackberry Crumble


Barley, Cous cous, Quinoa

190_Sugar Biscuits and Baked Raspberry Cheesecake

Sugar Biscuits and Baked Raspberry Cheesecake

200_Christmas Rocky Road _ Roasted Butternutsquash

Christmas Rocky Road and Roasted Butternut squash & Tahini Dressing

210_Detox Soup and Pappardelle

Detox Soup and Pappardelle

220_Lentil Salad and Barley Salad

Lentil & Pepper Salad and Barley & Stilton Salad

230_ Whole mixed colour baby tomatoes

Mixed baby tomatoes

Had the chance to take pics of the guys from Blacktop Harrison – amazing band from Suffolk – the other day! Thanks for begin such good sports, moving about all your speakers and stuff – sorry to have kept you outdoors for so long….

Here are some of my favourite images. Blacktop Harrison have a new album out called ‘adjust your radar’ check out some of their songs here. Look forward to seeing them at Ipswich Music Day at 18:00 on the ICR stage

Had the opportunity to meet Karen Pickering MBE, amazing 8x world championship swimmer, who now runs her own swim schools across the country, the other day. Had a really fund shoot, thanks to Jonathan from TilstonPhillips Magazines for the organisation and Emile (for being the sun), Sue from Maison Talbooth- Milsoms for a beautiful venue and an amazing lunch and Gary from Ipswich Mercedes for the lovely SLK. Big thank you to Karen for the hard work and for entertaining us with your funny/scary/fascinating stories over lunch.

Just updated my website with some new food images….