Had the pleasure of working with Brendan and Dave from The Unruly Pig again. It’s always great fun to work with these guys and I absolutely adore the food! This was just before the nomination came in for the category of ‘Best for Wine’ in the Great British Pub Awards 2019. Everyone was very excited to be nominated and I am pleased to say that they won! Well done you guys! Very well deserved! The restaurant has won a bunch of awards so far, also this year Dave the head chef won the ‘ Best Pub restaurant Chef award – which is fantastic! 

We thought this time we’d do a fun shot of Dave and as the name of the restaurant lends itself to something a bit quirky we thought we might involve a pigs head. Also some front of house shots, a portrait of a reluctant Brendan and some food shots to complete the day.

Lovely cookery day at Kenton Hall – South Indian Cookery with Padmaja.

Learned some yummy new recipes from Paddi and even had some left over to take home! Things like Coconut rice, Bombay potatoes, Beans Poriyal, Chicken Curry and Lentils with chilli and coriander. Paddi also used this yummy spice on the poppadums we ate for lunch called chunky chat, they definitely elevate poppadums to whole new level of taste! Also it was the first time I had grated carrot in my Raita and it was really delicious!

Back in June I had to chance to attend my first ‘Do Good Networking‘ event. They offer a really different approach to networking, where you actively do some good for a couple of hours, like a beach clean or tidying up the community garden of a charity, really hands on. Rather than standing about drinking tea and coffee and swapping business cards (nothing against normal networking which is also enjoyable). It’s great fun and you really do get a chance to get mucky. We were working in the garden of local homeless charity Emmaus Suffolk. Helping to tidy the garden up, which had been pretty overgrown with weeds etc. Overseeing the work was Joe from Urban Growth Enterprise CIC.

Felt great after a morning of garden to see the final space look like new. We also managed to give the fence a lick of paint to refresh it. Everyone was mucking in and it felt like you were really doing something positive. It definitely gave you that warm glow inside. The weather was glorious too and the local bakery donated some yummy goodies for us to munch while we had a tea break. Look forward to the next one!

Are you a small to medium size company and use photo’s of yourselves on Social media sites like Linked in and Twitter and so on? Is it time for an updated photo perhaps? Maybe you have employed a new colleague and you want your images to match to present a unified look?

A local IT company certainly thought it was time for some new headshots and asked me to help them with it. I had previously helped them and they had a few new people join their team.

We had great fun, I rented a space near their office and set up my mobile studio.

If you need help with your headshots please get in touch, special offer for the afternoon of the 9th May, if in you are in the Ipswich area.

Looking for an amazing Brunch in Suffolk? Look no further than the Unruly Pig in Bromeswell. This 16th Century Inn is located in Bromeswell in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, near Woodbridge. You can sit inside and warm yourself at the log fires or now spring is here and the sun is out perhaps the beautiful terrace is more appealing.

From delicious Oysters Rockefeller to Slutty Eggs and sweet treats like Belgian waffles which Dave and his team make with their own waffle maker! My all time favourite brunch food has to be eggs benedict, either with ham/parma ham or smoked salmon (Eggs Royale). The Unruly Pig has won heaps of awards for its food and Brendan and his team will give you a very warm welcome. Have a look at the brunch menu here to whet your appetite!



Took some pictures of two very interesting ladies in 2015 for the WI Life Magazine. The first article is about a local foraging lady and cheese maker, Vivia Bamford who writes the Sciapod Diary Blog and the second article is of  Stella Rimington, Ex head of MI5 and successful author of spy thriller novels featuring a female heroine called Liz Carlyle. Read her 2015 thriller Close Call in a couple of days -its a great read!

00000_WI Life Vivia 1

00000_WI Life Vivia 2

00000_WI Life Stella

Fabulous news, one of my images won an AOP (Association of Photographers @AsssocPhoto) Award yesterday! So happy!
The AOP awards are always a great way to see what all the photographers in the association are doing and to see their work printed on the wall and meet a few of them at the awards do. This year it is being held in the Old Truman Brewery in conjunction with the SHOOT LDN event and the Photoblock festival. To my surprise one of mine got through to the final and got an award too! There are lots of talks and events going on from the 8th – 11th October – pop down if you have the time, really worthwhile seeing all the amazing work in print on the walls.

AOP Award winning image! copyright Claudia Gannon 2015

AOP Award winning image! copyright Claudia Gannon 2015

The image is for sale in print format and if you’d like to buy a copy please follow this link to the printspace gallery, they also do framing:

Had a pic in the Guardian small business network section the other day thanks to my friend Jane who was interviewed for the article and runs her own successful business making handmade, personalised gifts in Suffolk.

Link to article here:

Jane O'Riordan

Jane O’Riordan

Was in Brightlingsea taking some portrait photo’s the other day and thought I’d go down to the beach and have a look around. Sun was hiding and it just started raining, but thanks to trusty ND filter managed to got a moody shot despite the rain…!



So, finally got round to looking through all the images I took a couple of weeks ago, of the Willis Building in Ipswich. It was the 40th/Ruby Anniversary of it being built by Sir Norman Foster in 1975. It’s an amazing building and looks still as modern today as I imagine it looked when it was first built. It had been announced on the radio that is was to be lit up ruby red so there were quite a few of us photographers out with tripods and remote controls trying to capture it all.

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02440

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02444

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02446

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02447

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02448

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02460

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02464

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02466

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02469

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02470

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02473

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02481

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02484

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02486

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02495

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02497

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02500

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02511

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02514

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02517

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-02520

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-05793

20150529-Willis Building 40Y anniv-05796