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Got the chance to work with my favourite Pilates teacher Tina again to shoot her Vitality Mama post-natal recovery class. It’s a fab class if you have just given birth and feel like you need help with little niggles like back pain from nursing, bending over nappy changing and carrying round your little bundle of joy. It’s also great if you have given birth a little while ago but want to get back into exercise. 6 weeks to a stronger mama healed from childbirth inside out! Here is a video of Tina explaining a bit more about the course:

Here is what Tina says about her Vitality Mama course:

Attending a  Vitality Mama postnatal recovery class is a fun, social and motivating way of starting exercise after child birth. Meet other mums and get tailored advice on returning to your pre-pregnancy shape safely and effectively. I love working with women at this wonderful time and am committed and passionate about giving you the tools for a healthy mumhood. I have experience in supporting new mums with a range of postnatal conditions including sacro-iliac problems, Pelvic Girdle Pain, pelvic organ prolapse or weakness, general back pain and diastasis recti.

Our classes are for mums and babies, however the focus is on you! Pilates is very beneficial at this time as it is all about bringing it back together, pulling it back in. Enjoy regaining stability and strength, increase energy levels and learn techniques to support your posture and every day activities with your baby.

6 week course where we’ll work from the inside out activating your core and pelvic floor to restore function and strength using breath, movement and resistance bands and other small equipment. On top of that you’ll get:

  • 2 x weekly busy mummy homework workout videos
  • a dedicated, private WhatsApp group, where you’ll be able to ask questions, encourage each other throughout and build up a great community spirit.
  • a weekly nutrition challenge, designed to help you make small, but manageable changes to the way you eat in order to help you reach your postnatal goals.
  • New, healthy recipes for you to try out each week.
  • A voucher for a half price postnatal massage

Took some pictures of two very interesting ladies in 2015 for the WI Life Magazine. The first article is about a local foraging lady and cheese maker, Vivia Bamford who writes the Sciapod Diary Blog and the second article is of  Stella Rimington, Ex head of MI5 and successful author of spy thriller novels featuring a female heroine called Liz Carlyle. Read her 2015 thriller Close Call in a couple of days -its a great read!

00000_WI Life Vivia 1

00000_WI Life Vivia 2

00000_WI Life Stella

Was in Brightlingsea taking some portrait photo’s the other day and thought I’d go down to the beach and have a look around. Sun was hiding and it just started raining, but thanks to trusty ND filter managed to got a moody shot despite the rain…!