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Took some pictures of two very interesting ladies in 2015 for the WI Life Magazine. The first article is about a local foraging lady and cheese maker, Vivia Bamford who writes the Sciapod Diary Blog and the second article is of  Stella Rimington, Ex head of MI5 and successful author of spy thriller novels featuring a female heroine called Liz Carlyle. Read her 2015 thriller Close Call in a couple of days -its a great read!

00000_WI Life Vivia 1

00000_WI Life Vivia 2

00000_WI Life Stella

Was in Brightlingsea taking some portrait photo’s the other day and thought I’d go down to the beach and have a look around. Sun was hiding and it just started raining, but thanks to trusty ND filter managed to got a moody shot despite the rain…!